While Beneteau Fractional Ownership is offered and operates all over North America and in the British Virgin Islands, this page is a listing of any immediate available fractional ownership positions and the location of the boat.

To view a listing of all our locations visit our "Where" page above.

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Beneteau 43 Fractional Ownership

Miami: May 2009: We currently have available 1 fractional ownership position on a New Beneteau 43 Miami. This new boat just splashed in the water and is located in Biscayne bay at a prestigious marina. It will is ready for you right now at 1/4 of the price you'd normally pay for such a boat. This yacht is offered through our Eastern Yachts Dealership.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be sailing NOW on your new Beneteau 43 at 1/4 of the cost and with all the maintenance taken care of for you. Contact Fokke at Eastern Yachts Ph 561- 844-1100 or fill out the form on the learn more page.

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Other Locations : We currently offer fractional ownership in other locations through out the USA, Canada and the British Virgin Islands. See our Where page.

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beneteau 57 circumnavigateCircumnavigate the world on a Beneteau 57: Ever said "I want to sail around the world". Now's your chance to see if you were serious. See Beneteau 57 Circumnavigation.


fractional Ownership Line

No matter where you live you can buy a fractional ownership position in any Beneteau boat. And you can finance your fractional ownership portion up to 100%. Imagine 1/4 of a boat in your home port, 1/4 of a boat in your favorite destination, 1/6 th of a boat circumnavigating the world and 1/10th of a boat in the British Virgin Islands. Adding all this up, you still don't own a full portion of a boat yet you have access WHEN EVER and WHERE EVER you want. Even Better, the boats are fully maintained for you while you're away.

Now that's living!